real5 Story

Welcome to real5 Networking, the most innovative and exciting business networking group in the UK.

I have always attached huge importance to business networking as I genuinely believe it is the best and most efficient way to win new clients, build great relationships and gain knowledge from other peoples experiences all at the same time and generally in the same place.

Over the last few years my ability and enthusiasm for being in a business network group had declined, why you might ask? Well, to be perfectly honest, having a young family made it very difficult for me to leave the house at 6am in the morning on a regular basis for breakfast meetings and many of the groups that were on offer near to me didn’t excite me in terms of what they had to offer.

So, after some thought about what I would like to see in an ideal networking group and after lots of market research I created real5 Networking.

real5 Networking offers a variety of different benefits which are listed throughout sections of the website but there are 3 key ingredients that I believe make the group special.

Firstly, we all gain together. Our members sign up to the unique position of being happy and willing to share a small percentage of profits for successful referrals, this not only makes for a extremely pro-active group of members but it also enables us as business owners and entrepreneurs to open up new revenue streams that helps us to earn passively.

Secondly, I’m a firm believer in leveraging your time in the best way possible to help maximise your profits and your quality of life. The real5 Networking groups each meet once a month, we update, we celebrate success and we network with our peers. All other activities are driven by individuals throughout the month be that a one to one or on our unique members communication portal via our website.

Finally, the importance of having like-minded individuals who genuinely believe in the importance of what we are trying to achieve as a group is vital. real5 networking goes to great lengths to ensure that the ethos of the group is at the forefront of our minds when we take any new application. We have a strict non-competing peer agreement, you get exclusivity on your industry – no grey areas!

real5 networking, though its innovative benefits scheme, the focus on having the right people and our passion for every member to succeed ensures our monthly meetings are full of energy, referrals, deals and enjoyment.

Thank you for taking the time to read my welcome note, If you think real5 Networking could be for you, please feel free to contact myself or any member of the team to book yourself a guest slot or call in for a chat.

Warm regards 

Andrew Hibbert
Founder & Managing Director

Why real5 Networking

The concept is simple – our collaborative networkers benefit financially from any referrals they share between them. Real money for real business referrals.