Celebrating 40 Years of Care with a 340-Mile Ride for Halton Haven Hospice

Jun 14, 2024 | Success Stories

In a remarkable display of dedication and spirit, six extraordinary individuals embarked on a cycling adventure to honour the 40th anniversary of Halton Haven Hospice

The real5 Merseygateway Networking #TourDeFour team included Matt, Alex, Anna, Neil, Ann, and Ellie, who cycled 340 miles across four countries in four days. Their goal was to challenge themselves physically and raise much-needed funds for the hospice that has provided invaluable care for the past four decades.

The Journey Begins

Setting off with determination and hope, our cyclists left the UK, ready to conquer the roads ahead. Their route took them through the picturesque landscapes of four countries to the finish line in Amsterdam. Each day presented challenges, but the team’s unwavering commitment kept them moving.

Their efforts were truly inspiring. 

Our #TourDeFour team raised an impressive £16,000 for Halton Haven Hospice, a significant contribution that will greatly support the hospice’s mission to provide compassionate care to those in need. This achievement is a powerful reminder of the impact that can be made when a community rallies together for a worthy cause. 

Collectively (from the 26 riders), there has been an amazing £73,000 raised!

“We are so proud of all the riders for taking on this incredible challenge for the Hospice. The amount of effort from all of the real5 team, not only with their training but also the fundraising, was amazing. From gathering sponsorship to Bongos Bingo fundraising nights, they have dedicated so much time and emotion to this challenge and everyone at the Hospice couldn’t be more thankful for their support”
Elle Smith – Fundraising Manager

Remember, you have the power to make a difference. Your support, whether through participating in fundraising events, volunteering, or donating, can help Halton Haven Hospice continue its invaluable work. Visit Halton Haven Hospice’s website to learn more about upcoming events and how you can get involved in this meaningful cause.

Well done again, Matt, Alex, Anna, Neil, Ann, and Ellie.