How real5 Networking can help you get THERE

Dec 13, 2023 | Success Stories

We are delighted to announce the launch of Louise Pode’s book ‘How to Get THERE: Your Personal Guide to Take You to the Next Level’ at our annual Christmas Event on Friday 15th December.

Louise joined real5 in 2020 and immersed herself in the network from day 1, building relationships and gaining great friends and clients.

The contacts she made, from Office Bridge HQ with Matt Grainger, who has illustrated her book, to her wealth of experiences working with clients and supporting charities, have enabled her to produce her book.

Louise’s mission is to make coaching accessible to all and to continue to develop her work with social enterprises so they can share these strategies with their communities.

“How to get THERE: Your personal coaching guide to take you to the next level” will take you on an interactive journey to enable you to reach your THERE, whatever that might be for you. A new job, a great relationship, your own business, feeling happy, overcoming a fear…

real5 Networking is delighted to be part of this journey and created the environment for Louise to thrive in.

If you place your order at you can request a signed copy with a personal note.