Networking Success: The Triumph of Office Bridge Live

Apr 2, 2024 | Success Stories

Networking is a powerful tool in the business world, and real5 Networking is reaping the rewards following the unparalleled success of Office Bridge Live, organised by Office Bridge Group, a proud member of the networking community.

On January 29, 2024, the event at the Heath Technical and Business Park in Runcorn was one to remember. It was filled with insightful discussions, sustainable initiatives, and collaborative triumphs, embodying the spirit that drives real5 Networking.

Office Bridge Group will again be offering opportunities to partners to join us, the date will be 6th February 2025 and the event will be the start of our 20 years in business. Make sure you add it to your diary 😊

An Unforgettable Day of Insight and Inspiration

Office Bridge Live set a benchmark for industry events with its warm, welcoming atmosphere, which greeted each participant at the registration desk. The day started on a high note with goodie bags in hand and a spread of refreshments symbolising the hospitality of Office Bridge Group.

Director of Office Bridge Group, Mike Astbury, started the proceedings by emphasising sustainability, a company core value. Centric Energy addressed the audience on the importance of sustainable lighting solutions in creating eco-friendly workspaces, aligning perfectly with today’s green corporate initiatives.

Reflecting on the importance of such discussions, Mike Astbury stated, “Sustainability isn’t just an option; it is our route to a responsible and thriving business future.”

Leadership Insights from Drew Povey

If the morning was about environmental responsibility, the afternoon turned to personal and business growth with an inspiring keynote address by Drew Povey. Well-known for his engaging role in Channel 4’s ‘Educating Greater Manchester,’ Povey introduced the ‘COURAGE’ system, encapsulating the virtues necessary for success in life and business. Paul Newby shared his thoughts on the keynote, “Drew’s insights were an eye-opener; it’s about having the courage to face business with the same valour one approaches life.”

The Collaborative Approach with Partner Talks

The Partner Talks session post-lunch broke down the walls between Office Bridge Group and its partners, offering a transparent view of their combined strategies and products. It was an immersive experience highlighting the importance of collaboration and collective expertise in delivering supreme service quality.

Mike Astbury underlined the significance of partnerships, saying, “The strength of our partnerships is the bedrock of our success, and today’s event beautifully exhibited that strength in action.”

Connection and Innovation in the Exhibition Hall

The exhibition portion of Office Bridge Live allowed attendees to wander through innovative displays, providing engaging opportunities with suppliers such as VOW Wholesale, Portwest, and SC Johnson, among others. This exploration underlined the advancements in office supplies and the potential benefits they could bring to any business.

Reflecting on A Milestone Event

Office Bridge Live was not just a successful day on the calendar but a reflection of what real5 Networking stands for – a coalition of professionals dedicated to advancement and sustainability.

Such events drive the networking community forward, fostering relationships beyond mere business cards and elevating conversations that pave the path for future industry leaders. The event stood as an epitome of what can be achieved when a community comes together in the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and shared success.

Follow Office Bridge Group’s and real5 Networking’s pursuit of excellence as we continue to flourish and connect within the industry. Here’s to seeding connections that grow into lasting business relationships.