Networking Franchise

Join the fastest-growing business network in the UK

Specifically designed for selected business owners and entrepreneurs, real5 Networking wants to help maximise it members profits through opening new revenue streams, creating new business opportunities and giving you the opportunity to work with like-minded forward-thinking individuals in a refreshing, relaxed, no-nonsense business group.

Enjoy a business model with many advantages. Owning and managing a real5 Networking franchise in an area of your choice with a focus on growing your group to deliver revenue, profit and create a world of opportunities for you and your members.

Our opportunity can suit a multitude of business-minded individuals,

  • Existing business owners looking for the group to help enhance their core business whilst generating a new revue stream
  • Individuals looking to start up an extremely cost-effective ‘business in box’ that they can grow
  • Someone looking for a multi-franchise ownership opportunity as there are no limits on the number of groups you can own
  • A business-savvy individual looking for a part-time opportunity that’s still their own business that offers great flexibility

The ideal candidate, regardless of the reasons for you choosing a real5 Networking franchise must all have certain criteria that we feel is critical to the success of any new group. These key criteria are as follows

  • Fantastic people skills
  • Enthusiastic
  • Determined
  • Self Motivated
  • Hardworking
  • Passionate about business
  • Client/customer service focused

If you feel you have the key criteria, we’re off to a great start and a real5 Networking franchise could be the ideal business opportunity for you!

To request a franchise prospectus, please contact Mark at

The concept is simple – our collaborative networkers benefit financially from any referrals they share between them.

Real money for real business referrals.