The real5 Network absolutely highlights the value of a collective network when people genuinely pull together to help drive each-other’s businesses and leverage their collective connections.

It has been quiet astonishing to see how quickly businesses have connected and ultimately business has then been generated by something as simple as a well-organised networking group that welcomes likeminded people.

John Smith

“I have been to many networking events over the years and none have matched the professionalism, organisation and unique offering that REAL5 has!

In the few months since the launch, as a founder member, I have found the events, people and information provide to be truly inspirational. I have saved money on new services offered by other members and I now have an array of varied contacts to refer to my wider network.

I’ve enjoyed 121’s with a many members of the group, who are now my new clients and are now benefiting from award winning Insurance protection along with many other benefits.

Its a joy to be a part of a great group, to be making new friends and business associates with a great bunch of people!”

Angela Pendlebury

“Real 5 networking group in Warrington is quite simply the BEST group I’ve ever been part of. Dynamic business people, innovative referral systems via members portal on website, fun social elements and more.”

Helen Davies

Being part of the real5 network has delivered exactly what it promised. Business networking with mutual gains. To date I have received a number of referrals for my services but it has also allowed me to tap into the expertise of others. Some that I had on my “to do” list but didn’t have a contact for and others that I didn’t even know I needed but ultimately has enabled me to think differently and share ideas.

Ali Donlan
Blue Oak Recruitment

real5 is the networking group you actually want to go to! For Christian and I, it’s proven invaluable – generating three new ideal clients in three months – meaning we have more than recouped our original membership fee in the first quarter! It’s lovely to feel supported and welcomed by other members of the Warrington business community, from brand-new start-ups to really established companies that we can learn so much from.

As much as we love the business aspect, the socials and charitable causes we have been involved in have brought us a lot of pleasure too! We would not hesitate to recommend this group to anyone who wants to dip their toe into the world of networking in a really fun way, but that will also generate new and profitable business leads

Michelle and Christian Ewen

I’ve been a real 5 network for the past two years. It has worked really well for me and my business to the point where I have joined a second real 5 group. It is a fresh way of networking with a great atmosphere and like-minded business people I would definitely recommend coming along to visit the group but be prepared you’ll probably end up joining.

Martin Griffiths
Acton Edocs Systems Ltd

Having been a founder member of the Knutsford group I am still there and lving it over 2 years on. Unlike most business networking groups I’ve been to before, Real5 group leaders focus on bringing in quality people as members, not just increasing numbers. It’s not like being back at school or having a second job, you just get to spend time with other business owners in nice venues.

Stephen Neil

Real 5 networking has changed my view of business networking. Gone are the days of early rises and the pressure to pass a referral to a business I have no revelance with. Real 5 allows businesses owners to get to know each other in relaxed atmospheres and build the trust that makes you confident in passing a referral.

Mike Whyte

I’ve been a part of Real5 for three and a half years now. “I believed in it that much, I bought the company” well part of it anyway. It’s a great way to build relationships in business, getting to a point of trust and reliability before referring work to each other. A great way to network.

James Toohey

I really enjoy the support I get from the members in my network group. Always on hand with advice, help with promotion of my services and sharing information that makes me more aware of what is going on in my local area. Very glad I decided to join earlier in the year as this has helped me motivate myself when things have been tough in travel!

Marcus Edwards

Real 5 is a great business network and a brilliant way to meet and collaborate with other businesses. Expertly ran by business owners who know how to win! Would highly recommend.

Andy Rolph

Real5 Networking provides the perfect balance of business and social, allowing business relationships to develop and flourish.

Josephine Broadstock