This is your opportunity to be part of the most innovative business networking group in the UK.

Meeting Time: 12 till 2pm
Location: 27th February – The Shippon, The Plassey, Eyton, Wrexham LL13 0SP

Specifically designed for selected business owners and entrepreneurs in the Wrexham area, the Real5 Networking wants to help maximise your profits through opening new revenue streams, creating new business opportunities and giving you the opportunity to work with like-minded forward-thinking individuals in a refreshing no-nonsense business group.

Being a member of real5 networking will provide you with all-inclusive access to a wide variety of products, deals and service such as:

  • Profit share on referrals
  • More new business
  • Increased buying power
  • Investment opportunities
  • Major retail discounts
  • Support local charities

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